When ESPN published a piece about GQ’s recent cover story with President Obama last month—which was written by Bill Simmons—Simmons got very upset when he wasn’t mentioned in it. He wrote, “Stay classy, ESPN,” in a tweet. And he’s upset with The Worldwide Leader again today, this time over a story that they ran on Abby Wambach based on her appearance on Simmons’ podcast today.

The ESPN story, which you can read here, does include a link to the podcast now. But apparently, it didn’t include one earlier, which prompted Simmons to send this out:

Sense a trend here? Simmons is clearly going to continue to produce content that ESPN will pick up, and if they fail to credit him properly, he’s not going to have a problem letting them know about it.

Here's the Wambach podcast if you're interested in listening to it:


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