It’s been a tough week for Browns fans. Between all of the Johnny Manziel stuff and then that heartbreaking loss to the Ravens on Monday Night Football, Cleveland fans haven’t had much to cheer about. And former Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott just gave them yet another piece of bad news.

According to Scott, who appeared on The Simms & Lefkoe podcast this week, he once hid inside of a bathroom at the Browns’ facility to avoid having to sign with the team. Apparently, he was in town to talk with Cleveland after spending several seasons with the Ravens. But after Baltimore realized they might lose him, they contacted him while he was speaking with the Browns and he excused himself to call his agent from a bathroom. He says he was then able to reach a deal with the Ravens and got out of the Browns’ facility as quickly as he possibly could.

Browns fans probably won’t be all that upset about missing out on Scott. After all, he was a Raven. But if this is any indication of what other players think when the Browns court them…yikes. Is Cleveland that bad, guys? Er, don’t answer that.

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[via @BleacherReport]