The Pittsburgh Steelers are running over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football, thanks in part to Antonio Brown's 118 receiving yards and two touchdowns and punt return for another six.

After Brown scampered in to the end zone on the tail end of the aforementioned punt return, he kept right on chugging full speed ahead, directly at the goalpost. He then sprung into the air, like some sort of lily frog hopping to another leaf, wrapped his legs around the goalpost, and slid down before anyone knew what happened. It was amazing and terrifying and beautiful and NSFW all at the very same time.

It's Week 13, but Brown may have just ended the competition for best touchdown celebration of the year. At the very least, he stole this young fan's innocence right before his very eyes. Stay strong, kid. Rather you learn it here than on the streets.

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[Via Bob Loblaw]