Alabama Running Back Derrick Henry Wins the Heisman Trophy Award

The Heisman Trophy award was given to Alabama Crimson Tide junior running back Derrick Henry tonight. He had received the most points (1,832) for the award versus fellow nominees. His competition was Stanford's rocket-fast punt returner Christian McCaffrey (1,539) and Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson (1,165). 

Everybody, and Shaq, thought that LSU's Leonard Fournette was the early favorite for the award. But since LSU fell off in the polls after Alabama beat them last month, his win for the award was secured by the Crimson Tide's dominance in the polls all season, plus their playoff berth to compete for national championship, there wasn't much competition for Henry to snag college football's most coveted award. 

Henry has racked up near 2000 yards, and accelerated in November by rushing for 200 or more yards in three games. He currently has 1,986 yards total, and broke the SEC's single-season rushing record which was held by Georgia's Herschel Walker.

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[via CNN]



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