This college football season has not just one, but two odd examples of fans sharing mutual passion for a school team, but weirdly becoming their own worst enemies in the stands during games. 

Here's a third to add to that list. The #21-ranked Wisconsin Badgers are facing off at home against #20-ranked Northwestern Wildcats at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. The Badgers were losing 10-0 going into halftime, and their offensive schemes played out to be disastrous. So to vent their frustrations, the sea of red shirts in the stands began hurling snowballs at each other.

Then the next target for the snowball-chucking Badger faithful were their own team's cheerleaders.

As if it's their fault? Check the short clip of the incident here:


Then of course, the campus police and the school's administration got involved to diffuse the situation.

As for the combo of snowballs as weapons and insensitive fans with literally no sense of chill, this redefines the phrase "epic meltdown."

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