At this point, everyone knows that Steph Curry is good, because…duh. But just how good is he in comparison to other NBA greats?

That’s the question that San Jose Mercury News reporter Tim Kawakami is trying to answer right now. He’s working on a story about Curry and what he has been able to do in the NBA over the last few seasons. To try and put it into perspective, he’s speaking with former NBA greats, coaches, and executives, and one of the players he spoke with recently is Steve Nash, who currently serves as a consultant for the Warriors.

Nash was asked to speak about where he thinks Curry ranks right now amongst the all-time NBA greats. And while he stopped short of comparing him to Michael Jordan—because…duh—Nash had nothing but high praise for Curry.

“I wouldn’t compare him to Michael Jordan,” Nash said. “I wouldn’t compare anybody to Michael. But I would say Steph is turning into a historical category of his own, in a way. He’s in the prime of his career and will be for a few years and the way he’s improving and the level he’s playing at is…I think he’s unlike anyone else. His ability to make shots and still handle the playmaking duties is historic. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a player more skilled than him in the history of the game.”

Wow. It’s pretty amazing that Nash would say that. Even more amazing? Nash thinks Curry still has plenty of room to improve.

“He has improvements to make as far as his feel and comfort, the cat-and-mouse thing, strategy and picking and choosing a spot, conserving energy and getting the same amount done,” Nash said. “He can improve a lot, which is scary.”

Um, yeah. We’d say so. Kawakami’s entire piece is set to drop next week. It’ll be interesting to see what others have to say about Curry and his place in history.

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[via San Jose Mercury News]

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