Ever wonder which NFL fanbases get the drunkest while watching their respective teams play? Thanks to the folks at BacTRACK -- a company that sells smartphone breathalyzers -- we may have the answer.

Using data collected by BacTRACK during the first seven Sundays of the NFL season, and dividing fans up based on Twitter's map of NFL fan allegiance, Vinepair.com created the following infographic which ranked the drunkenness of the fans of all 32 teams.

The Bills coming out on top here is completely logical, considering the fact that it's freezing in Buffalo and the team is off to a 3-4 start. (Plus, we have video evidence that dudes there like to take things too far.)

Detroit, Philadelphia and Cleveland grabbing the next three spots on the list also makes sense, but what's up with Cardinals fans coming in at No. 5? And, I'm not sure I'm buying the fact that fans of a team based in New Orleans of all places are getting their drink on at a rate that would put them near the bottom of the league-wide rankings. 

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[via Total Pro Sports]