The Packers lost to the Broncos in Denver on Sunday, and despite the 29-10 final score, it's not exactly time to panic in Green Bay. The Broncos have the league's number one defense, after all, and it was the first loss of the year for the Packers, who are now still in pretty good shape with a record of 6-1 on the season.

It was a rougher outing than usual for Aaron Rodgers, who finished with just 77 yards passing and no touchdowns. Not surprisingly, ESPN's  Skip Bayless used this as an opportunity to slam Rodgers, while attempting to rile up Packers fans in the process.

"When are you, and all those blind Aaron Rodgers worshippers out there, most of you in Packers nation ... When are you going to wake up," Bayless ranted. "And when are you going to realize that the bad man just is not that good? Especially when it matters most." 

"He can frontrun at Lambeau Field, we know that," Bayless continued. "And most of their games are at Lambeau Field because they play about three-quarters of their games at home. But you make him play away, under the lights? And Aaron Rodgers melts."

The part about Green Bay playing "three-quarters of their games at home" should have been a reminder that Bayless spews nonsense for a living, and that absolutely nothing he says should be taken seriously. 

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