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Ronda Rousey has been very vocal about her disdain for Floyd Mayweather and his domestic violence record. After winning the ESPY Award for “Best Fighter” back in July, she said, “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once.”

But there have been some people who have been critical of Rousey for criticizing Mayweather when she herself has openly admitted to beating up an ex-boyfriend once. In her book, My Fight/Your Fight, which was released back in May, Rousey wrote about attacking a man that she identified only as “Snappers McCreepy” after she caught him taking nude photos of her without her consent.

“I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook,” she wrote. “He staggered back and fell against the door.”

Later, she also detailed how she dragged her ex-boyfriend out of her car after he attempted to get into it to talk to her.

“I walked around the car, pulled him by the neck of the hoodie again, dragged him onto the sidewalk, and left him writhing there as I sped away,” she wrote.

So during her media availability in Melbourne, Australia this week, where she is preparing for her fight against Holly Holm tomorrow night, Rousey was asked to respond to those who have called her out for taking shots at Mayweather while simultaneously writing about beating up an ex-boyfriend. And she explained that she feels that what she did was an act of self-defense, not domestic violence.

“I was in that situation before when I was in a movie theater and my exit was blocked, people wouldn’t let me out,” she said, insinuating that her ex-boyfriend had prevented her from leaving their apartment before she beat him up. “You legally cannot do that. It’s considered a self-defense scenario. So if someone is blocking you into an apartment and won’t let you leave, you’re entitled to defend yourself and find a way out. If you’re trying to get into your car and leave and they’re grabbing your steering wheel and saying you can’t leave, technically you’re kidnapped, and you can defend yourself in any way that is necessary.”

Rousey also said that there’s no comparison between what she did and what Mayweather has done in the past.

“I don’t have to make every single one of my actions idiot proof,” she told reporters. “If an idiot can’t understand it, it’s not my problem.”

Additionally, she asked those who have criticized her to walk in her shoes before judging her.

“If you find out that someone was taking naked pictures of you, then trying to lock you in an apartment, see what you do,” she said.

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