It’s been more than 24 hours now since Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm, and we still can’t believe that she’s 12-1. Holm thoroughly dominated Rousey in their fight at UFC 193 and is more than deserving of Rousey’s title. But still, Rousey was supposed to be so dominating that most people had already penciled her in for an undefeated career. So her loss is going to be shocking for a long time.

Last night, Rousey took to Instagram to respond to the L. She let her fans know that she’s OK physically and that, while she plans on taking some time to recover, she’s going to be back eventually:

Meanwhile, people are already starting to wonder when Rousey vs. Holm 2 will take place. UFC 200? Hmmm…Stay tuned.

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[via Fox Sports]