The No. 1 topic when it comes to the NFL these days is domestic violence. The No. 2 topic is football. Because of that reality we had a real meta moment this morning when Ray Rice, a guy whose suspension was lengthened when video of him punching his then-fiancee out cold was unearthed, took to SportsCenter and commented on the recently revealed Greg Hardy abuse photos. Rice, who sounds like he's spoken to a PR exec. or two, told anchor Hannah Storm:

"It really shouldn't take photos or anything to understand the severity of domestic violence. It happens every eight seconds as we speak. It does continue to raise awareness. It's just a tough deal that sometimes it takes a visual and photos for the severity of it to be known. My deepest condolences go out to the survivors of domestic violence."

Furthermore, speaking on his own/similar experience:

"I'm only in a position to speak about myself and focus on my situation because every situation is different, but I totally understand that what my visuals did and the effect it had on society and the survivors of domestic violence. So for me to never be forgiven, I understand those things and I totally take full responsibility for my actions."

Unlike Hardy, Rice no longer appears to have a skill desired by NFL teams, averaging just 3.1 yards per carry the last season he played. This is likely the reason he remains unsigned by an NFL team Jerry Jones, a fact he appears to have accepted, saying "If I never get the chance to play again, one thing I know is taking care of my family, I'm safe and secure in that."

[via SportsCenter, CBS Sports]

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