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What is this, Ray? What is it?!?!?!

Ray Lewis is releasing an EP, guys, and he teased his new single "Can You Stand the Rain" on Instagram yesterday. And guess what? It sucks so bad. He's talking maniacally about how men cry for  women in the beginning, then he slows down, laughs, and catches his breath before going into the hook. I know violence against women is a very serious issue in the NFL right now but there are other ways to go about fixing things.

Stick to pre and post game hot takes, saying ridiculous things, and entertaining us with your hair, Ray, because rapping is not for you. Also, get better production, you're a millionaire. Call Pharrell or Kanye up for a favor, my guy. My ears are bleeding now, thanks. Still trying to figure out whether or not I respect the effort.

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