Rajon Rondo can straight up pass the rock. Surely as a point guard should do, his job is to drop dimes when penetrating through the lanes, or attacking any seams to thread the needle and dish off to his open teammates.

But this pass was straight up ridiculous, whether it was intentional of not.

In tonight's Kings-Bucks matchup,  Rondo drove down the left lane and lost his balance while being double teamed on the way in. As he sensed a third Buck that hedged towards him, he threw up a prayer off the backboard. Maybe it was supposed to be a field goal attempt. Maybe not. Luckily, his frontcourt teammate Kostas Koufos happened to be in the right place at the right time to grab the ball that somehow caromed into his hands for the easy lay-in.

When all falls down, whatever works! 

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