Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks was accused of rape three months ago by a woman in Hamburg, NY, where Kane makes his home in the offseason. But the investigation has seemingly gone off the rails ever since.

There was a crazy story about a rape kit evidence bag being torn open and delivered to the accuser's mother, after which the lawyer for the accuser removed himself from the case because he had doubts about how exactly that all took place.

On Friday, The Buffalo News reported that no criminal charges were likely to be filed against Kane, and today, they're reporting that the accuser no longer wants anything to do with the case.

The local woman who accused National Hockey League star Patrick Kane of rape three months ago has notified the Erie County District Attorney’s Office that she no longer wants to cooperate in the investigation, five sources with knowledge of the case told The Buffalo News on Monday.

The woman has told authorities that the high-profile investigation has caused tremendous stress for her and her family, and that she no longer wishes to participate.

The alleged victim spoke to investigators at the District Attorney’s Office at length last week, and after that, signed a document called an “affidavit declining prosecution,” which is now under consideration by District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III, one of the sources said.

“She was no longer interested in going forward,” another source told The News.

The woman first asked the DA’s staff about the status of the investigation before stating that she no longer wants to cooperate, this source said.

It's obviously unclear as to whether anything illegal (or horrific) ever took place, but what we do know is that it couldn't have been pleasant for Kane or for his accuser to have been dealing with this for the past several months.

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