Florida Gators kicker Johnny Townsend has a Stan out there who gave him another good reason that now is a great time to be alive

The fan's name is Brandan McCalla, but goes by the code name JT4H on YouTube, which is an abbreviation for "Johnny Townsend For Heisman." JT4H published the remix video to Drake and Future's song "Jumpman" called "Puntman" yesterday. The honorable remix showcases a montage of Townsend's kicks, with lyrics such as "Puntman, Puntman, Puntman, best one in the country/Forty-three yard average, twenty-five inside the 20, Wow!"

Check the clip above, and have a laugh at the fact that someone actually took their boredom and obsession of a college punter, and turned it into a hilarious idea.

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[via BleacherReport]