Want to hear about the first time Mike Tyson met 2Pac? During a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Iron Mike talked about it but, we should warn you, you’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping up with his story because, well, he tells it as only Mike Tyson can (which is to say, he’s all over the place and doesn’t provide a lot of the essential details that you’d probably want to hear). But all you need to know is that Tyson met 2Pac after he helped him (and about 50 other guys) get into a club when 'Pac was 18 or 19. And through that chance meeting, they ended up becoming friends over the years with 2Pac later contacting Tyson in prison after he had become famous.

The 2Pac story starts at around the 13:30 mark of the clip above. If you want to hear a slightly better version of the story from Tyson, he also told it to Peter Rosenberg back in 2013 (go here and fast-forward to the 37-minute mark of the clip). Either way, it’s kind of crazy that Tyson and 2Pac met under such random conditions.

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[via VIBE]