The Michigan State-Ohio State game was the matchup everyone was checking for today in college football.

The Spartans are still fighting for their spot in the race for a Big Ten championship. Both MSU and OSU are ranked Nos. 9 and 3 in the FBS polls, respectively. Ohio State went into today's game undefeated. Michigan State would have been undefeated as well,if it weren't for the controversial call by the officials to end their game versus Nebraska two weeks ago. 

The Buckeyes had a 23-game winning streak as well coming into today, including their run last year when they won the national title. But MSU brought the Buckeyes down to the wire, and the game was settled on a 41-yard field goal by MSU kicker Michael Geiger. You can see the play here.


How many windmills did Geiger just do? Who knows. You would do something randomly weird to celebrate something like this, too. So we can't hate on this guy.

Final score was 17-14, and both the Buckeyes and Spartans are now 10-1. So what does this mean of Ohio State in regards to the FBS playoffs? Are they still in or out? Leave us a comment telling us what you think.

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