Tack this game-ending play on the board for why the 2015 college football season is the greatest ever, or at least in recent memory.

The chances of winning a close game off of a schoolyard "razzle-dazzle" lateral play are slim to none. But you can call the Miami Hurricanes team the Slim Jesus of the FBS tonight after this jaw-dropping play versus Duke. They refused to go out like last week with an L, so they decided to get desperately creative in the final seconds of the game as Blue Devils kicked them the ball.

Miami was down 27-24, and as time expired, the 'Canes passed laterals as much as 8 passes to keep from getting tackled. The laterals even took them back to Duke's end zone,  but they somehow were able to break through and score the game-winning touchdown.

GAME OVER! Miami won 30-27. Redemption song sung!

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