Matt Barnes will make his return to Los Angeles tonight to play against the Clippers for the first time since joining the Grizzlies over the summer. It should be interesting, especially in light of the things that Barnes said about his former head coach Doc Rivers a few weeks ago.

And as if playing against his former team wasn’t intriguing enough, Barnes is also making headlines today for revisiting the story about his beef with his former teammate/friend Derek Fisher. Barnes and Fisher were reportedly involved in a physical altercation back in October after Barnes discovered that Fisher was at his former home hanging out with his ex-wife Gloria Govan. And it seems Barnes isn’t happy with the way their beef played out:

Barnes also isn’t happy with the way the media covered the story. He claims that the New York Post—the first media outlet to report the story—was out to get him:

Despite this, Barnes isn’t mad at the media as a whole:

But it’s pretty clear he’s not over the way the whole situation with Fisher was handled.

Forget playing against the Clippers. When do the Grizz play the Knicks*checks schedule* January 16 can’t get here soon enough!

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[via Bleacher Report]