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The DeAndre Jordan free agency saga dominated NBA headlines over the summer, and with good reason. The Clippers big man could have been a game-changer for the Dallas Mavericks, and players almost never back out of verbal commitments they make to sign with another team during the league's moratorium period.

But Jordan bucked that trend and spurned Mark Cuban, while ultimately deciding to remain in Los Angeles. The worst part about it all may have been the immature way in which Jordan handled the situation, texting Cuban (and Chandler Parsons) continuously until going radio silent the night before he was able to sign.

Cuban remains annoyed by the whole situation even though four months have passed, and says he's saved all those text messages he received from Jordan. And, he promises to release them all to the general public once he feels the time is right. 

If and when Jordan's texts to Cuban are released, they probably won't reveal much more than a basketball player in his mid-20s being uncertain about how to handle such a big decision. But we do know that a heavy amount of boos will rain down on Jordan's head when the Clippers visit Dallas on Wednesday night.

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