What’s with all of the hand injuries that have taken place in 2015? From Jason Pierre-Paul to Jimmy Fallon (and then Jimmy Fallon again), celebrities have spent way too much time in the ER tending to problems with their hands this year. And over the weekend, yet another one landed in the hospital as a result of a hand issue.

On Saturday, Lindsey Vonn attempted to stop her two dogs from fighting over a Frisbee. The result? The disgusting hand injury that you see in the clip above. We should warn you: It looks so gross.

Fortunately, Vonn had a sense of humor about it. She joked about the injury in the IG video and posted this on Twitter:

She also posted this yesterday just to show everyone that she’s not letting the injury slow her down too much:

We’re glad to see she’s OK, but damn. Enough already!

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[via Fox Sports]