Kobe Bryant’s Body Is Breaking Down on Him: “Right Now, I’m Barely Standing Up”

Is Kobe going to make it through the season?

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Good news, Lakers fans: Your team actually won a game last night! They beat the Pistons 97-85 at the Staples Center to move to 2-8 on the season with Kobe Bryant scoring 17 points, grabbing eight rebounds, and dishing out nine assists during the game. So that’s encouraging, right?

There’s some bad news, too, though. Kobe played 36 minutes during the game and, after it ended, he didn’t sound like a guy who was ready to celebrate. He sounded like a guy who was ready to get taken out of the Lakers’ arena in a wheelchair. He talked about how his body is breaking down on him during a post-game interview with reporters:

Kobe will sit out of the Lakers’ game against the Suns tonight to try and preserve his body. But at this point, how much help is rest really going to be? If Kobe keeps logging 36-minute games and staying as active as he has been lately, he’s not going to make it through the NBA season.

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