Karim Benzema has been charged with complicity in an attempt to blackmail as well as conspiring to commit a criminal act.

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Back in early June, Karim Benzema—who plays for the French national team as well as Real Madridwas spotted partying with Rihanna in New York City. Good times. But it doesn’t sound like things are going too great for Benzema at the moment, as he has reportedly been arrested and questioned in connection with a sex tape extortion investigation that is currently taking place in Versailles, France.

There aren’t many details about the investigation available as of right now. But according to reports, a sex tape featuring Benzema’s French teammate Mathieu Valbuena was filmed on a cell phone earlier this year. And last month, Benzema reportedly had a conversation with Valbuena about the tape. During that conversation, he gave Valbuena some advice regarding what to do about the tape, and police are now trying to determine whether that advice was friendly or meant to be part a larger blackmail plot that was allegedly taking place. They have been investigating the possibility of blackmail since July.

If convicted on blackmail charges, Benzema could face up to five years in prison in France. Stay tuned for further details.

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