It was a tale of two halves for the Browns and Johnny Manziel Thursday. 

The Bengals remained undefeated, improving to 8-0 after beating the Browns, 31-10. But it was a close game at halftime with the Bengals up 14-10 after Manziel led the Browns on a 92-yard scoring drive with 19 seconds to go. In vintage Johnny Football style, he capped it with a scrambling 12-yard touchdown pass to Duke Johnson.

And because this is Manziel we're talking about, he had to celebrate.

Showing off the new moves on the sidelines, Manziel mashed portions of friend LeBron James' signature stomp with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's "Are you not entertained?" routine. 

Not bad. Points for sticking the landing. But we'd rather see the "Money Sign" celebration return. 

[h/t Fansided]

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