Jimmy Butler and Mason Plumlee got into it last night after Plumlee tried to fight his way over the top of a screen by Butler during last night's Bulls-Trailblazers game.  As you can see in the video above, Plumlee clearly headbutted Butler in his chest, causing Butler to fall. And Jimmy wasn't going out like a punk, so he got mannish. Butler tripped and then tried to size up Plumlee face-to-face, which led to their brief scuffle that the ref quickly broke up.

As a result, Butler was the one who got caught by the ref for retaliating, so he was the one fined by the NBA for $2500— not Plumlee. Butler claimed since Plumlee was the Ray J to his Kim Kardashian after literally hitting him first, Plumlee needs to pay him back for the fine payment.

Butler, a Texas native, oddly claimed to reporters today that he had to let the "Fort Greene Projects" out of him, even though he was raised in Texas. Butler's teammate hilariously called him out on that as if to say "Stop frontin'!"



Like they used to tell us in grammar school, it's not about who starts it. Rather, it's about who gets caught. Let's see if Plumlee is as serious about reimbursing Jimmy, because Jimmy is "not playing" about getting that cash back from him. (Yeah right!)

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