Not a lot of good has come out of the devastating hand injury that Jason Pierre-Paul suffered back in July after a fireworks accident. JPP missed the first half of the season for the Giants before returning to the team’s lineup last week. He also missed out on quite a bit of money as a result of his injury. And of course, he will have to live with the consequences of the accident for the rest of his life.

But at least one good thing has happened in light of JPP’s accident. Earlier this month, a woman named Janie Bohannon reached out to him after her 11-year-old brother Seamus Bohannon—who plays five sports, including football—lost two of his fingers in an accident involving a bike chain. She asked JPP if he would be willing to contact Seamus to help him through his ordeal by sending him this message on Twitter:

And on Tuesday night, JPP agreed to do it by FaceTiming with the boy to talk about his injury and how he can overcome it.

“This guy, he didn’t have to do that,” Seamus’ mother Christine Bohannon told after the call. “We were just taken aback by it. My son is in his glory right now. Just the fact that someone was reaching out to him.”

JPP told the boy not to listen to people who make fun of him for missing two fingers. He also told him to keep playing football despite the injury.

And after JPP spoke with Seamus, Janie sent him another message on Twitter thanking him, which JPP responded to:

Maybe some good will come out of JPP's mishap after all.

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