The madness just can't stop in college football. Arkansas took on #18-ranked Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi today, and it was one for the ages in how it finished.

First off, Razorback QB  Brandon Allen had the game of his life, going 33/45 and throwing 442 yards with 6 TDs. He was so good to the point where an Ole Miss fan literally called the local Oxford police on him to get off the field. But like any other logical police force, they didn't take the call and tweeted their response to the stupid fan:

Anyway, with both teams combining near a staggering 1200 yards (great defensive game, I must say), and with the game going to overtime, Ole Miss pushed the score up 52-45. But Arkansas had a rebuttal and made a Miami-style crazy lateral play to keep the ball alive on 4th & 25. Here's the play:


And it didn't stop there. Arkansas got in the red zone and made the unthinkable happen by scoring a two-point conversion to seal the W.

Final score 53-52!

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