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Oh no. Don’t make this even worse than it already is, Greg Hardy.

Last week, Deadspin published disturbing photos that featured images of the injuries that Hardy’s ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder sustained during their domestic violence incident last year. It led to many people calling for the Cowboys to cut Hardy immediately. And while Jerry Jones has stood behind Hardy despite the criticism he has received, it doesn’t look like Hardy is handling it all that well.

Over the weekend, he took to Twitter to issue this half-hearted apology to everyone:

And when that failed to connect, he took to Twitter again this morning to change his bio to include the words “Innocent until proven guilty”:

Probably not the best idea.

He apparently thought better of it a short time later and removed that bio. And now, his bio includes 2Pac lyrics. His Twitter avi has also been changed to an image of a spitting 2Pac wearing a Cowboys jersey and his name is listed as "Machiavelli Kraken":

We have no idea what Hardy is trying to accomplish, but he should probably stop. Now.

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