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When the New York Giants came away with a 32-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium, the elated Giants fans could've done one of three things: 

  1. Celebrate with the plenty of other Giants fans in attendance.
  2. Heckle ​and taunt the hometown Buccaneers on their way home.
  3. Try and burn the Bucs' 80-by-50-foot, $25,000 flag, hanging on a 15-story pole and located at the nearby team facility.

Now, any fan with a shred of common sense would go with either option one or two because only an idiot would ever try No. 3, right? Well, meet 32-year-old Daniel Justin Raboni, a.k.a. the idiot Giants fan who tried to burn the flag after yesterday's victory. 

Luckily, the Buccaneers' brass kept in mind that for every hundred, if not, thousands of logical NFL fans, there would be one Daniel Justin Raboni. According to police, the flag was made of fire-retardant material, leaving minimal damage. 

Raboni has been charged with criminal mischief and possession of marijuana. He is being held in jail on $2,500 bond. 

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