Because almost everybody in college football plays it safe and schedules cupcake out of conference games, there's a lot of whining and moaning about which conference is the best, which team is the best, etc. This puts the college football playoff committee in a serious bind when trying to pick the top four teams to face-off for the championship. Tonight that committee released their inaugural rankings for 2015. Remember, no matter what they say on November 3, things will look different in a month. Keeping that in mind here's the Top 25 (in their collective opinion) as it stands right now, listed in descending order for dramatic effect:

25. Houston
24. Toledo
23. UCLA
22. Temple
21. Northwestern
20. Mississippi State
19. Texas A&M
18. Ole Miss
17. Michigan
16. Florida State
15. Oklahoma
14. Oklahoma State
13. Memphis
12. Utah
11. Stanford
10. Florida
9. Iowa
8. TCU
7. Michigan State
6. Baylor
5. Notre Dame
4. Alabama
3. Ohio State
2. LSU
1. Clemson

Feel free to debate their picks. Or just wait a month until you decide to get yourself worked up over it. Remember, Ohio State (A.K.A. the eventual champions) were 16th when the first rankings were revealed last season.

[via ESPN]

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