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Video of a portion of Dez Bryant's outburst now exists. You can watch it below, but you should be warned that it features some NSFW language:

See original story below.

Earlier this week, we praised Dez Bryant for how well he has handled himself this season, despite the Cowboys’ rough start to the year. But after what happened today, we probably have to take it back.

According to a USA Today report, Bryant went off on a group of reporters inside of the Cowboys’ locker room this afternoon. He spent about ten minutes yelling at several reporters and, during his rant, he reportedly claimed that reporter Jean Jacques-Taylor had used the N-word while speaking with Cowboys wide receiver Devin Street, even though several media members said that it didn’t happen.

That led to The MMQB reporter Robert Klemko sending out this tweet about the incident:

And when Bryant got wind of it, he reportedly went off again, this time yelling at Klemko for the way he reported the situation.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he yelled. “If you’re going to report something, report it right! Report the whole thing. Don’t single me out like that!…That’s the [shit] I be talking about right there!”

Bryant also reportedly yelled at Cowboys media relations director Rich Dalrymple during his second outburst.

“How about you fix this shit, Rich?” he said. “How about you fix it, Rich? You’re talking to the wrong people. You’re talking to the wrong people. I’ll make sure I’ll put it out then. Since y’all not going to say nothing.”

Bryant even had a few choice words for Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett when he walked into the locker room at one point.

“Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty,” he said. “They fucking dirty, coach! They’re dirty! They’re dirty! All of them!”

Bryant’s teammate Jason Witten was forced to stop talking with reporters to calm Bryant down. You can hear Bryant yelling in the background here:

Witten was eventually able to get Bryant to leave the locker room area. However, he reportedly returned with a speaker playing music loudly a few minutes later. He also sent out these tweets from the Cowboys’ facility:

After the incident, Jacques-Taylor made an appearance on 103.3 FM Dallas and had this to say (as transcribed by a 103.3 FM Dallas producer):

We don’t really know what to make of all this right now. Stay tuned for additional details.

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