Charles Barkley doesn't like DeMarcus Cousins. DeMarcus Cousins doesn't like Charles Barkley. That's unlikely to ever change. Tonight the two native Alabamans continued their feud as Barkley had some tough (but interesting) comments on the Cousins/George Karl situation due to his aversion to the Sacramento big man:

Somebody must've alerted Cousins to this, or perhaps he just has a freakin' TV, because he quickly took to Twitter to call out Barkley for (in his mind) not being as tough in person as he is on camera. Soon afterward Cousins deleted the tweets, but not before some eagle eye screencapped them:

We're not sure what personal experiences Boogie's drawing upon to make his assessment. But we do know somewhere some guy's plate glass window disagrees.

[via Twitter, Larry Brown Sports]

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