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It's safe to say that Nov. 12, 2015 will be a night DeAndre Jordan never forgets. In his first game at the American Airlines Center since making a last second decision and ditching the Dallas Mavericks in favor of the Los Angeles Clippers, DeAndre experienced it all.

Prior to the game, the local newspapers trolled DeAndre. The hometown fans, who as Jeff Van Gundy points out, boo Jordan but cheer Greg Hardy, made their presence felt from the pregame introductions. Even though he had a decent night—nine points, 11 boards in 27 minutes—the Clippers fell short, losing to the Mavericks, 118-108. 

Then, after the game, Jordan probably hopped on Twitter to see this tweet from the Mavericks' account blowing up.

Okay, Mavs, you got your revenge. Is everyone even now? Or is this just the beginning? Something tells us it's the latter. 

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