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The Clippers will face the Mavericks in Dallas tonight for the first time since DeAndre Jordan backed out of his verbal commitment to join the Mavericks as a free agent over the summer. And the city (and the team) are doing everything in their power to make sure it's going to be as lit as possible.

First we had the Dallas Morning News printing a giant cutout of Jordan in today's edition, complete with devil horns in case you needed a reminder of just how evil Jordan's free agent indecision was in the eyes of Mavericks fans.

Then we had the team's official Twitter account bringing up the hilarious hostage situation that Jordan found himself in, once several members of the Clippers and their head coach traveled to Dallas to make sure he wouldn't change his mind again before it was time to sign. 

Mark Cuban has said he wants the fans to have fun with this, even if he seems to still be genuinely upset about the way Jordan wronged him and the Mavericks before the season began.

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