On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Toronto Raptors at home, improving their overall record to 12-0. After capturing the Larry O'Brien trophy last year, the Warriors are just three wins away from tying the record for the best start in NBA history. As a result, many people can't help but wonder how good this Golden State team can be, in comparison to some of greatest squads ever. 

Over the weekend, former Chicago Bulls guard Ron Harper was asked on Twitter to give a prediction for a seven-game series between the '95-96 Bulls and this year's Warriors. "We would've sweep that team for sure," Harper said. Today, Charles Barkley offered up his two cents on how the Warriors would've fared in the league 25 years ago on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, saying, "We would have just mauled them."

"Mauled." Swept. Clearly, the Warriors don't get no respect from former players in the league and that's a shame.

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[via Colin Cowherd]