On Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers' record dipped to 0-3, thanks to an(other) absolutely dreadful performance by Kobe Bryant. After going 3/15 from the field, Bryant was awfully critical and honest about his start to the season, admitting "I freaking suck." Today, as the Lakers looked to fine-tune things in an effort get their first win of the 2015-16 campaign tomorrow against the Denver Nuggets, Kobe was nowhere to be seen at practice. 

Was the Black Mamba dealing with an injury we were unaware of? Was there a personal matter that he needed to tend to? Initially, Mike Bresnahan, Lakers beat writer for the Los Angeles Times, speculated that Bryant was given the day off to rest. But, as it turns out, that wasn't the real reason. 

Now, could you imagine going up to your boss one day and telling him/her that you want to take tomorrow off because you're really angry with yourself? As you made your way out of the office after that (obviously) failed attempt, you would probably get hit with one of these looks. 

And rightfully so. Byron Scott should've just said he needed rest. 

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[via @Mike_Bresnahan]