On Friday, New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson stopped by the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football podcast and revealed that a player on the Washington Redskins thanked him in the middle of a game this past Sunday for helping his fantasy football team. 

“It actually came up on the football field last week, randomly,” Watson said. “You’ll be happy to hear this. As a fantasy guy, you’re going to be really happy to hear this. As a non-fantasy guy, I was kind of confused." 

“But one of the players from the opposing team told me ‘Thank you,’ during the game, for helping his fantasy team. So fantasy has permeated into the entire NFL. Guys are playing fantasy football; some guys I think even play fantasy baseball. I don’t get involved with it. I have five kids, I just don’t have time. Not that anything’s wrong with the fantasy, but I just don’t have time for it, with my lifestyle.”

Since the departure of Jimmy Graham, the Saints needed to fill a huge void at tight end and surprisingly, the 34-year-old Watson has had a bit of a career resurgence this season. Heading into the bye week, the 12-year veteran has 46 receptions, three touchdowns and 551 receiving yards, sixth among tight ends.  

With stats like that at a position where it's hard to find quality, consistent fantasy football production, showing your appreciation, even if it is during an NFL game, is something that should definitely happen. Just sayin'.

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[via The Washington Post]

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