It’s unfortunate, but all professional athletes are subjected to slander on a routine basis on Twitter. Just go check out the mentions of any NFL player who had a tough game yesterday. Chances are, he got destroyed by a number of trolls on the social media site.

Antonio Cromartie knows this all too well. Back in September, the son of one of his own coaches took aim at him and a couple of his kids on Twitter after a loss to the Eagles. Cromartie ended up calling him out and receiving an apology from the kid later. But after the Jets lost to the Texans yesterday, he was forced to go on the offensive again after his wife got into it with Jets fans on Twitter.

Apparently, the “fans” weren’t happy with the way Cromartie played during the Jets’ 24-17 loss, so they lobbed insults at him, his wife, and even his kids in a series of tweets that Cromartie retweeted later. We should warn you that some of these are WAY over the line, but they’ll give you an idea of what his family was dealing with:

Cromartie’s wife also responded to some of the fans during the game:

And eventually, she responded to all of the trolls at once by saying this about the Jets’ entire fan base:

We don’t know if we would take it that far. It’s not like every single Jets fan spent yesterday going at the Cromarties on Twitter. But this is yet another reminder of what most pro athletes—and their families—are forced to deal with every time they log on to social media.

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[via New York Daily News]