This time about a week ago (whatup Bobby), The Big Aristotle Shaquille O'Neal threw up a post on Instagram asking which NBA all-decade team was best. The crude Photoshop sparked both thoughtful debate and irrational arguments, and all over Sports Internet people were chiming in about why their favorite NBA decade was the greatest ever.

(For the record, the '00s would've definitely taken it.)

Anyway, this got us thinking about other sports (and sports entertainment) from a generational perspective. If we did the same thing with pro wrestlers, which decade would people decide is the greatest of them all? Does the nostalgia of Hulk Hogan's hyper-American '80s persona overpower the WWE "Attitude Era"? Would "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels give CM Punk a taste of that Sweet Chin Music? Or does simply thinking about the sound of shattered glass force you to put Austin over everybody?

Vote below by clicking on the duo you think represents the greatest generation in wrestling history. We think we already know where Shaq stands.