Every person has a doppelganger who we could easily mistake as someone we know. In the case of Penn State football team head coach James Franklin, his doppelganger is Keegan-Michael Key, one-half of Comedy Central's hilarious duo and now-defunct show Key & Peele.

Key is an alum to Penn State, and is the Grand Marshall for the university's Homecoming festivities this weekend. Key made a trip into Coach Franklin's office to have some fun with his long lost twin. He put on Franklin's glasses, plus got some idiosyncratic tips on how Franklin speaks, his handshake, and how he addresses the players in team meetings. Later in the clip, Key surprised the Penn State team, and you can see them freak out as he absolutely nailed his impression of Franklin, going over team strategies for their Homecoming game today.

If you were in this room, you may have jumped out of your seat upon the sight of Key, too.

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[via BleacherReport]