Tonight a lone rim in Memphis got revenge on behalf of the thousands of rims who've been tormented by Vince Carter throughout his 17-year career. On one hand you don't expect this from a man who once scraped his sack on the head of a giant. On the other, what do you want? He's 38. 

Tonight's rejection comes just a week after Carter reminded the world that there's still some spring in those legs.

It's not only a bummer for the fact that it's never fun to watch a former star no longer able to pull off moves which made him a star, but also because it's a reminder that whether we admit it or not we're all constantly aging as we march second-by-second, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, until we're eventually forced to come to grips with our own mortality and face the inevitability that is death.

That, or it's just a stupid preseason dunk attempt that meant nothing.

Your call. 

[via Vine]

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