The NFL regular season may only be 25 percent of the way through, but we’ve already witnessed plenty of storylines begin to unfold: Many of last year’s playoff teams have struggled out of the gate. Unlike those squads, the Cardinals are one of the best teams in the entire league. Tony Romo is hurt, again. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much air is in Tom Brady’s footballs. 

While the conversations about serious off-field issues like player conduct and the long-term damage football does to athletes persist, the focus has turned back to the action taking place on the field. It’s kind of funny how, once Aaron Rodgers starts slinging touchdowns, Von Miller does his pelvic thrusting sack dance, and Johnny Manziel sets foot on the field, everybody stops caring about bumbling commissioner Roger Goodell. And really, that’s exactly what the NFL wants.

This new era of incredible athletes and competitive balance means that any player on any team at any moment can pull off something remarkable, and we’ve gotten to see plenty of that early on in 2015. Here are the Best Plays From the 2015 NFL Season (So Far).