In the latest episode of ballers behaving badly, new St Kilda recruit Jake Carlisle admits he “made a mistake” uploading a Snapchat video of himself sniffing a line of white powder.  The video aired on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program on Wednesday night, and comes in the wake of the defender being traded from Essendon to St Kilda only a few hours prior.

The footage shows a Snapchat from “Jake”, and then a man in a blue shirt snorting a line off a table and holding his nose. “The video casts me in a very poor light and reveals clearly inappropriate behavior,” Carlisle said in a statement made on Thursday morning. The 24-year-old is currently traveling the United States and is seemingly slotting into the party lifestyle quite comfortably.

The video was offered to media outlets at an asking price between $10,000 and $20,000. A Current Affair reported that they had been in touch with Carlisle’s manager, Anthony McConville since Tuesday. However, nothing was revealed to St Kilda prior to their trade deal, and they saw the footage for the first time with the rest of Australia – which is a killer sneak move on the part of McConville.

Carlisle is no stranger to controversy, and rumours of a trade deal had swirled for a significant amount of time due to his odd behavior on field. He was caught in a Round 18 match this year saying, “This club is fucked!” as he walked to the interchange bench. His unhappiness at his original club was well documented, as it was also reported that Western Bulldogs players had been told by Carlisle that he was counting down the matches until he left Essendon. Similarly, he reportedly told Adelaide players he didn't care about the result of a game because he wouldn’t be around next year.

St Kilda Football Club released a statement on Thursday morning, saying they were "incredibly disappointed" in him. They confirmed that he has signed a contract with the club, but they have put him on notice and said that "behaviour of this type will not be tolerated". Carlisle will start at the club next month, but will have to prove that he can live St. Kilda's values. Here’s a suggestion for their first action – delete the bloke's Snapchat.