Steelers kicker Josh Scobee did not have a good night. He botched two makeable field goals, his team passed up an opportunity for him to pop a game-winner, and they lost 23-20 in overtime to the Ravens when their kicker showed him how it's done. It is likely that many Steelers fans were less than pleased with his performance, but not many Steelers fans have an outlet to express their anger to a large audience.


 Snoop Dogg happens to be a Steelers fan who has a large audience, and he took to his Instagram account (along with its 6.7 million followers) to let his uncensored thoughts on Scobee be known. It remains to be seen if Steelers brass also believe Scobee to be a "sorry motherfucker," but if they do it's likely they too will say "Bye bye, bitch" to the 12-year-vet just a month after they acquired him from Jacksonville for a draft pick.

[via Instagram]

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