Ryan Mallett was passed over for the Texans QB1 job this preseason in favor of Brian Hoyer. A few days later he missed practice. The timing was bad absolutely awful for Mallett, but he pinned it on a cell phone alarm clock that didn't go off. Since that does occasionally happen, it was hard to prove he was 100 percent lying. Then, less than a game into the season that counts, Hoyer's short leash got yanked, and Mallett replaced him as the team's starter. It was a quarterback competition, but for all the worst reasons.

Tonight it continued as Mallett took a shot to the ribs on an illegal hit. That blow caused him to exit the game (on the night he was 7-for-10 with 50 yards and an INT). He never returned. It doesn't take one of the world's top lip readers to assess his reaction:

Now the Texans are not good, so of course they were losing. But at one point they pulled within three points when Hoyer found a wide open Jaelen Strong on a coverage breakdown. This was Mallett's reaction to that, Hoyer's second TD pass of the game:

Anyway if that isn't a guy angling for a trade by the October 28 deadline, we don't know who is. He really should just focus on becoming a better quarterback though, because if he can't start over a dude who basically punted with his arm with the game on the line...:

...he's not starting anywhere. 

Eh, except maybe San Francisco.

[via CBS Sports]

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