Tonight, Richard Sherman and the Seahawks will travel to California to take on the 49ers. In theory, that should be a good thing for the Seahawks, who are coming off a pretty devastating loss to the Panthers on Sunday that dropped them to 2-4 on the season. The quicker they can get over that loss, the better.

That’s not exactly how Sherman sees things, though. He was asked about his thoughts on playing games on Thursday nights this week, and he revealed that he isn’t a big fan of the NFL forcing players to do it.

“It’s rough,” he said. “It’s rough on the body. Any time you play a football game and play another one a few days later, it’s going to be tough on the body. But it’s just another one of those things. Another one of those simple contradictions of the league, because they care about us.”


Sherman isn’t just upset about having to play on Thursday night this year, either. He also told reporters that he’s still upset about playing against the 49ers on Thanksgiving night last year, too.

“My family wasn’t happy with that last year,” he said. “That’s what I remembered about that. They cooked all that dinner, and I didn’t get to be home for Thanksgiving meal, so my family had a problem with that.”

Luckily, Sherman won’t have to deal with that this year. But he will have to help his team play better tonight if they want to avoid dropping to 2-5.

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