Former Ravens running back Ray Rice is out of the NFL at the moment, and missed all of last season due to his involvement in a nasty domestic violence incident.

But he still has plenty of love for the city of Baltimore, and he and his wife Janay showed it recently by surprising some young cheerleaders in the city with new uniforms.

From The Baltimore Sun:

The former Baltimore Ravens running back made some calls and found out the Southwest Seminoles cheerleaders needed new gear even more desperately than the players. Janay began to help design the uniforms.

"We wanted to give these little girls something to look forward to," Ray Rice said. "It was a no-brainer. I still want to be attached to the Baltimore community."

On Wednesday evening, the Rices returned to Baltimore — dozens of cheerleading uniforms in hand — to a hero's welcome. The children gathered at the Samuel F.B. Morse Recreation Center cheered. Some cried. They hugged the couple. They showed their latest routines.


"This is big for us — I feel loved," said 16-year-old Lauryn Hill.

"It makes me feel that people care about us," said Chynia Dorsey, 16, another cheerleader. "People say Baltimore kids are trouble. This makes us feel awesome."

Much like we just saw with Floyd Mayweather, it's nice for Rice to be in the headlines for doing something so positive.

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