UPDATE: The tweet has since been deleted.

See original story below.

The undefeated Patriots will host the 4-1 Jets on Sunday in a key divisional matchup, and New England's social media team  decided to crank up the rivalry on Thursday by reminding New York fans of one of the more embarrassing plays in their team's recent history.

Back in 2012, the Jets lost to the Patriots at home on Thanksgiving Day, and Mark Sanchez ran into the backside of one of his lineman to create the now infamous Butt Fumble, which resulted in seven points for New England.

"Obviously, watching the tape, it’s still hard to fathom, the one stretch," then-Jets head coach Rex Ryan said at the time. "I’ve never seen anything like it. Coaching football or even following football, I’ve never seen anything like that. I don’t know how else to put it. I think I said nightmare (Thursday) night and I’ll stick with that, because it’s just hard to imagine."

It was so ridiculous that he Internet couldn't get enough of it, of course, even several months later.

Normally bringing something like this up would feel a bit like bullying, mainly because of just how successful the Patriots have been in recent years -- especially when compared to the fact that the Jets haven't even made the playoffs in any of the last four seasons, and haven't won a Super Bowl since 1968.

But this is the Butt Fumble we're talking about here, so we'll go ahead and allow it.

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