According to multiple reports, the Lakers tried hard—really hard—to trade Nick Young this offseason. They weren’t able to pull off a deal, though, so Swaggy P will be balling at the Staples Center again this season, and hopefully he’ll be doing a lot of ridiculous stuff like this:

He probably won’t be partying quite as much as he has in the past, seeing as how he’s an engaged man now. But that didn’t stop Maxim from asking Swaggy about the best places to party in Los Angeles. He provided them with a few stops—check them out here—and also provided them with a fantastic reason for why L.A. is the best place to party.

“If you want to take your shirt off after you’ve had a couple drinks and you’re feeling yourself,” he said, “you can do so.”

Young also said that L.A. is a better party town than Miami because “you go there if you want to die.”

Take your shirt off after a few drinks—or die? Hmmm…Yeah, he’s right. L.A. all the way!

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[via Maxim]