Joe Vitt, the Saints' 61-year-old linebackers coach, tore his Achilles tendon and broke his wrist after falling down way too early Saturday morning while chasing a man/woman wannabe car stealing duo. 

Vitt, who was interim coach for New Orleans for 10 games during Sean Payton's Bountygate suspension, saw a shadow running across his lawn around 4 A.M. When he went out to check he saw a woman trying to bust into a neighbor's car. Meanwhile, an uninvited male passenger was sitting in his own. When the two saw the, again, 61-year-old, they took off.

The pair got away but will no doubt get caught doing something else stupid at some point, because that's how criminals work.

Also, even with the injuries, Vitt has not missed a day of work.

[via ESPN]

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